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Hydrofera Blue® Classic with Moisture-Retentive Film

Hydrofera Blue® Classic with Moisture-Retentive Film


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  • Hydrofera CLASSIC

    Hydrofera Blue’s flagship antibacterial foam dressing improves epithelialization while wicking exudate and debris from the wound bed. The result is a multifaceted, non-toxic healing environment that kills bacteria and reduces bioburden.
  • Hydrofera READY

    An antibacterial foam dressing that maintains a moist wound environment without the need for hydration and has a wear time of up to seven days, requiring less dressing changes.
  • Hydrafera TRANSFER

    Hydrafera TRANSFER is an antibacterial foam dressing that helps support wounds with higher exudate (fluid emitting), managing absorption of the secretions while maintaining a moist wound bed.
  • Hydrofera READY BORDER

    Hydrofera Blue Ready-Border dressings provide the perfect option for atraumatic dressing changes. Using a gentle easy-on/easy-off silicone adhesive border, the dressing allows intimate contact of its non-cytotoxic antibacterial foam to the wound bed.

Hydrofera is changing the way we think conventional wound dressings work. From onset to outcome, the Hydrofera Blue® suite of antibacterial foam wound dressings powerfully tackles any type of chronic or non-healing wound. Hydrofera Blue delivers an advanced line of wound care products designed to shorten healing times, lower treatment costs, and deliver better patient outcomes.

Please refer to your health care professional to ensure these products are suitable for you.

Wounds heal faster at less cost

In a recent retrospective study examining wound treatment data of more than 30,000 patients over a two-year period, Hydrofera Blue dressings combined with an Advanced Wound Management Program showed faster healing times and lower treatment costs.

  • Compared with other advanced wound dressings, Hydrofera Blue showed a 7-day reduction in healing time and a 24% reduction in nursing labour cost.

  • Compared with other commonly used dressings on patients who were not on an Advanced Wound Management Program, Hydrofera Blue delivered over a 50% reduction in healing time and a 75% reduction in nursing labour cost.
Reference:Hurd T. Improving the quality of chronic wound care using an advanced wound management program and Gentian Violet / Methylene Blue-Impregnated Antibacterial Dressings: A Retrospective Study. Surgical Technology International Volume 35, Sept 2019

    • Hydrate with sterile saline or sterile water.
    • Squeeze out excess fluid.
    • Heavy Drainage dressing: soak for 5-10 minutes.

    Flat Wound
    • Dressing may be cut to fit wound bed.
    • If rolled edges are present, the dressing should cover both the wound and periwound area.

    Wound with depth:
    • Loosely fill the cavity, undermining, sinus tract or tunnel with the dressing.

    • Secondary dressing selection is based on exudate level.(see chart)
    Downloadable Application Guide and Dressing Selection Chart 
  • STEP 4. Dressing Change

    • Change the dressing every 3 days and as required:
    • If the dressing retained its blue color where it had been in contact with the wound, the new dressing can be left in place for up to 3 days.
    • If the dressing turned white or lightened in color, continue daily dressing changes until blue color is retained.
  • Moisture Balance

    • As with many wound care dressings, moisture balance is key. If the dressing is dry, thoroughly remoisten with sterile saline or sterile water, then gently remove the dressing.
  • Tunneling Dressing

    • Moisten the tip with sterile saline or sterile water to aid with ease of insertion.
    • Gently insert the moistened end of the dressing (softened) into the wound tunnel or sinus. If necessary you may use a rigid swab to help guide it into place.
    • After insertion, add a few drops of sterile saline or sterile water to the end of the dressing until moist.
    • Trim the dressing as needed.
    • Secure with a secondary dressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if I see white spots on the dressing when I check it at 24 hours?

The bacterial load in those areas is very high and the dressing should be changed.

Do I have to hydrate Hydrofera Blue Classic if I have a heavily exudating wound?

Yes. Hydrate with Sterile water or Saline. The consistency of wound exudate may be too thick and may not allow the pores in the foam to completely open.

Do I have to hydrate Hydrofera Blue Ready or Transfer?


Hydrofera Blue Classic is always dry when I go to change the dressing. Is this normal?

No. In order to prevent this situation, please re-evaluate your cover dressing. If you have a highly draining wound, the cover dressing should be absorptive. If you have a dry wound and need to add moisture, the cover dressing should be occlusive.